The Project

For one week (October 10th through the 14th), we are asking professionals who wear attire that requires dry cleaning to work, to instead wear attire that can be washed at home. Participating professionals can then donate the money they would have spent on dry cleaning to UNICEF’s “School in a Box” program through our fund.

UNICEF’s “School in a Box” program provides teachers with supplies for 40 students (up to 80 if classes are rotated) living in areas of armed conflict, most often refugee camps. This allows for classes to continue during periods of high tension by providing education supplies for affected students. The boxes contain crayons, notebooks, slate surfaces, pens, chalks and other such items for these classes.


For more about education in armed conflict please visit “The Cause” page.

For more about the “School in a Box” program please visit or view the presentation below (requires Flash).